Chapter 0 – Awakening

His eyes start to open.

– “I’m dizzy…Where am I? ” he thought and looked at his hands. He had no recollection of any sort.

– “I’ve been stabbed?”. He was turning around, trying to make sense of where he was, when he noticed a blade piercing his flesh. The weapon was deeply inserted into his stomach, in a way only the knife’s handle could be seen.

The task, took every ounce of strength available but, finally, preceded by a strange glow, the knife slipped out and the teenager threw it against the ice walls surrounding him. The dagger echoed as it fell on the ground but, strangely, no blood came out and a white scar is now where the blade once stood. The wound has healed.

He woke up in a small prison room. Now, next to the knife stood his only company, a statue, made out of a pale stone.

Outside this division, the hallway leads to a closed-door from which a small ray of light was coming in. There was no other source of illumination.. Still, however hard to see, he could understand the hallway had 4 prison cells. Each cell had one stone statue inside and was closed by glass bars.

He took a few steps closer to the statue to see it clearer. The statue, carved in stone, had remarkable detail. It represented a member of Blue’s Planet, easily distinguished by his size and wardrobe. It was truly a great masterpiece.

Suddenly the light stopped for a second…then came back on.

Everything was the same for a couple of seconds, then the walls started to shake and a bigger crack of light came from the opposite side of the hallway. The gate was opening…

Footsteps and mumbling echo through the hallway.

“Where did you come from?” – He thought with a black rodent standing outside the cell.

The animal kept staring inside. Its whole body was covered by black fur except for his eyes, which, oddly, had a strange, glowing yellow line cutting them in half.

The footsteps got closer and two grotesque looking guards appeared. The mumbling stopped for two seconds. Both stood in front of their prisioner’s cell completely mummified, not seeming to notice the rodent that was comfortably at their feet.

“He escaped!!! But how ?!” – one of them shouts, breaking the golden silence.

“They can’t see me?” – he thought. He was standing next to the wall opposite to the entrance right in front of both guards. 

One of the guards kept shouting , restlessly to the other, “Open this door right now!!”.

The quiet one quickly stretched out his arm placing his palm close to the bars. which disappeared. They promptly entered the cell looking in every direction in a mix of confusion and shock.

“Why can’t they see me?” – he thought. The badger kept staring next to where the guards were standing, just dodging their feet and legs as if not to warn them of its presence.

“Nobody knew he was here!! They mustn’t know he escaped…” – said the quiet one and both guards stormed, followed stealthily by the rodent, leaving the dungeon completely open.

Everyone had left.

Light reflected on the knife’s handle capturing the characters attention. It was right next to him and had an intriguing aspect he had not realized yet: there wasn’t any blade. Now, only a knife handle existed. It was made of some sort of white material with an engraving on it located some inches above a spherical depression.

“I better keep this” – he thought. The blade seemed to have more to it than met the eye so he stored it in his belt before leaving.

After exiting his cell, he crossed the hallway and made his escape through the door.

The vision was breathtakingly disheartening. He was on an island, in the middle of a blizzard, surrounded, only by, open fields of snow in every direction, except for one. There was a path about 1 mile ahead. Although hard to notice, because of the climate and distance, it was possible to distinguish some sort of village with strange, igloo-shaped buildings at the end of the trail. “I need to get there” – he thought.

When he finally arrived, it didn’t look like a village anymore, more like a temple.

What seemed to be igloos at first, turned out to be quite precise. They were on top of a square, two feet above the ground, completely covered in snow as everything else. Distributed across it, describing a semi-circle, were 7 equally shaped snow houses surrounding a bigger snow house.

All seven igloos were identical except for two characteristics: the symbol carved on top of them and the colored glow, coming from inside their walls. They all had only one entrance. except for the big one, which had an entrance facing each of the surrounding snow houses.

There was no other visible place except for this strange temple. Beyond the island, only a crazy, dark ocean, ravished in a storm, awaited and there was no sign of anyone, or anything else, on this island. There had to be a way of leaving this wretched place and the answer was surely in one of those snow houses.

The closest one was the blue igloo so he went inside. A blue stone was glowing on the ground at the center of the structure and, above it, a misty, blue mirror was floating as it were made of clouds. After investigating the other igloos the same happened: green, red, yellow and three other, of unrecognizable color, mirrors stood there, above a rock. Each stone was glowing in the same color as the mirror. None of the mirrors showed any reflection.

“I must make a choice but which one?” – he thought as exited the red snow house. Clearly, these mirrors were the only explanation of how others had left the island. In some of the igloos, trails of footsteps marked on the snow would head towards the mirror and meet their end in front of it. Even so, if there were 8 mirrors then it was safe to assume there were 8 possible destinations. The only snow house that remained unchecked was the bigger one.

Suddenly, when leaving, an eye glimpse captures the quiet one outside an entrance of the bigger snow hut, pointing with his left hand to the inside. The rodent that was inside the dungeon came crawling out of his sleeve and jumped to the ground rapidly entering the snow hut and his “master” followed him.

Still being far away, the character could only see shadows inside the snow house. They were represented as giants on the icy, giant walls of the building, probably because of the white glow coming from the inside. In an instant, the rodent shadow jumped against the other shadow’s neck and then landed back on the ground. The quiet one collapsed on the floor, knees first… head last…

“What happened?” – the character thinks as he rushed inside. The knife had no blade but for some reason, he removed it from the belt and held it as he was running. For some reason, running inside felt safer this way.

Out of nowhere, the glow STOPPED and the shadows disappeared. The character went inside and it was empty. No quiet one, no rodent, no leads coming out of a stone and no mirror. Just an empty, big, windy igloo.

“I saw him collapse to the ground, he must be dead” – He thought completely forgetting about the animal that was once, also, inside the building.

Suddenly, rocks started to fall from the ceiling. The snow house was crumbling and huge cracks began to appear on its surface. An avalanche broke free inside so the character left, as quickly as possible, dodging all kinds of danger, all the way.

“I must make a choice!” – crossed his mind again as he went to the blue igloo. Something about this particular snow house was calm and relaxing to him, in the middle of such a disturbing situation. The character sought refuge inside and stood there, just gazing at the mirror. frightened, unsure, confused…

Out of the blue, two palms stretched out pushing him from behind. Not expecting company, he tripped and fell against the blue mirror. It didn’t break. Instead, the character was now in the middle of a blue mist, completely unable to move, “I can’t move” he thought as, in front of his eyes, a blurred dark shadow was staring at him, from beyond the mist. Those eyes, with that yellow line cutting them in half, were looking at him! It was a man! He was smiling!


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