Chapter 2 – “The Passenger”

Gyo searched the whole night for Guam’s sword.

He found the sword stuck in a large tree root, in the woods, far away from the lake.

“Why are you important?” Gyo thought, then he grabbed the weapon’s blue hilt.

The sword had seen better days… The handle was worn off and tainted from the blood of dozens of hunting trips. The blade was old and covered in rust.

He stared at it, for a couple of seconds, then pulled it from the tree and head back to the lake.

He carried his friend’s body to the middle of the lake and buried Guam in front of the tree where he once lived. Guam’s sword was now strapped to Gyo’s back.

“What were you up to?” he asked, looking at his friend’s grave. Suddenly an idea struck him.

He climbed to Guam’s house in hopes of salvaging some of his belongings. He failed.  The house was completely destroyed by the attack. There were no walls and only a small portion of the floor remained.  Gyo felt exhausted and beaten. He laid down and fell asleep.

He’s dreams were violent and cruel.

Gyo kept re-living the same moment: Over and over again, he saw the crawler punch Guam’s chest and then drop him, to die. Those brief moments got clearer every time. At one moment, a detail caught Gyos attention, for the first time – the Jihatu leaned over Guam.

Later he woke up startled

“Rya!” Gyo said. He forgot about her. Rya was waiting at home. He had to go.

He climbed down and plunged an arrow into the tree. Then, using his knife, he carved the words “Goodbye my friend” under the arrow and left.

While he was walking home, Gyo looked down and saw the lake’s underwater village. All of the buildings were destroyed by his attack, except for one. A small igloo shaped house.

“How ironic,” he said with a smile. He was determined not to mourn his friend’s death. “He had a good life”.

Suddenly he noticed a book, floating on the water, in the middle of broken corals and a lot of kelp.

“What is this doing here?” he thought and leaned down

He picked up the book and cleaned all the weeds stuck to it. The book’s cover was dry but the pages inside were soaking wet. The book was called “The passenger”. All other words were blurred out.

“Why is this here?” – Gyo thought, then he recognized its red and blue cover. The book belonged to Guam!

“The Jihatu!” he thought, “It would explain the book…”.

In sum, Guam described crawlers as foul creatures, masters of Fuyan, who couldn’t leave the ocean. However, Gyo saw one up close. The creature walked out of the lake and murder his friend, close to his home. Furthermore, Guam never went into the lake and he always kept the book in his pocket. If the book was in the lake then, the crawler had it when he was killed.

He finally got to the other side of the forest. He crossed the bridge and used Fuyan to open an entrance in the waterfall.

Pass the huge water mass, three cave entrances surrounded Gyo. He chose the one in front of him. The Tunnel took him to a dark room, with five tunnels. Each tunnel leads to a hotel room. Gyo looked to the right and then walked in.

Rya wasn’t home. Gyo let go of the deer, in the middle of the room and placed the book on his bed. Then, he laid down next to it.

“Why did you take the book?”- Gyo said with his eyes closed.

“Did you fall in the lake again?” Rya asked. She thought Gyo was talking to her.

Gyo opened his eyes. He got lost in the middle of various theories.

“Give me that,” He said as he turnover to catch the book. In an instant, Rya dodged his arm and stood up in front of him.

“No,” she said, “Who does it belong to?”.

Suddenly she noticed Gyo’s leg. He was bleeding.

“I’ve never seen anyone be so injured by a deer,” she said with a laugh, “Let me guess you jumped in the lake running for your life”. Gyo didn’t say a word. His face was rigid serious.

“What happened?” Rya asked with a touch on his shoulder.

“Guam died,” Gyo said, and told her the whole story leaving out one detail: his new knife.

“I need to know more about this book,” He said with a sigh. Then he showed Rya the book, ”

“Why is it so important?” She asked and turned to the first page

“Guam never talked about it” he said as he looked in her eyes, “I want to read it”.

“Well, Do you remember when you stole my diary?” Rya asked with a smile.

Since they met, Rya enjoyed reading about Blue’s planet and the Liquid Arts. She also kept a diary.

Three and a half years ago, Gyo stole said diary.

“Gyo!! Gyo!” Rya yelled. His roommate had just arrived at Guam’s house. From the window, he could see Rya running in their direction. She was angry.

“Come down here” she yelled. The tree was on a very small island, in the middle of the lake. Unlike at Guaftop, there was no Bridge to cross the lake.

“It’s ok! She can’t use Hundam” Gyo said, “We can read it!”

Rya kept screaming from the borders of the lake. “Come down here! Now!”

“She caught us straight in the act. Let’s give the diary back” – Guam said, then he took the diary from Gyo.

“Well… I’ll leave it to you,” Gyo said, “surrendering was never an option.” Then he jumped out the window and landed on the lake using Hundam.

“It was his idea,” he said waving to Rya, “See ya!”.
Then, he started running in the opposite direction and went home.

After several hours Rya got home as well. She was furious.

“You always go too far!!” She yelled. A lecture from Rya usually lasts several hours. The first hour she is furious and confrontational. After, she is quiet and disappointed. Gyo hated both phases.

“I promise to teach you Hundam,” Gyo said in the middle of her screams. He wanted to offer Rya something that would calm her and make him look sorry at the same time.

“Promise?” Rya said. Her mood changed in an instant. She was obsessed by the liquid arts but never showed any intention of practicing them.

“That was easy,” Gyo said,  “Why the sudden interest?”. He was glad for escaping a lecture from Rya and he could use some training himself.

“You always escape using the lake,” she said, “it takes away half the fun”.


Gyo remembered the incident but didn’t understand the reference

“It’s a water lock,” she said and put her diary and a small water flask on the bed. “I’ll explain…”

After Gyo escaped from Guam’s house three years ago, Guam gave Rya her diary back. She was possessed by anger and blamed him, nonetheless.

As in the case of Gyo, Guam did not want to be lectured by Rya. AimZing to escape her wrath, he taught her how to protect the diary from harm and hide its secrets. At the same time. “Just use a water lock, I’ll teach you” – Rya said imitating Guam’s voice.

“It’s like your fingerprint,” she said after a brief pause, “In this planet, Water contacts with a lot of different substances…”.

“How do you—-” Gyo never heard of water locks.

“You can encrypt the book with a handful of water without destroying it..” Rya said and dropped half the water from the cup on “The passenger”‘s cover. The cover remained dry.

“See,” she said. “It’s locked.”

“How do you unlock it?” Gyo asked. Finally some good news.

“You have to pour the same water on it” – she said with a sigh.

She picked up the cup, spilled it on her diary and all of the blurred smudges started to form words.


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