Chapter 3 – Olivier


“Do you have the Sealer?” – the giant crawler asked. Qwei and Fwei seemed worried as they looked at the top of the pyramid.

“Petra has failed u–” – Qwei tried to say

“How about the book?” The giant said, louder, interrupting Qwei

“We have nothing, my lord” Fwei said.

“Petra is dead” Qwei added.

” I told you to go with him,” Blue said as he walked down the staircase, “Why are you still alive?”

Both Jihatu trembled. Blue stood in front of them… disappointed.

“They can’t break the water lock, my lord” Fwei replied. His voice came out weak and his eyes continued to look at the floor.

“I do not need to hear excuses” Blue said and started to choke both crawlers with his bare hands, “They still have the Sealer…I want it back!”. Then he let the two brothers go.  They saw their reflexion in Blue’s eyes. They saw their death.

“but we have no idea where—” Qwei tried to say, gasping and coughing, but his brother interrupted.

“We shall not fail you…my lord!” Fwei said, with a bow.

“You can leave now, begone!” Blue said and pointed his finger towards the vastness of the Lower Plaine. Then he walked to his throne, on top of this underwater pyramid, and sat down. The two Jihatu swam away. Heading towards Guaftop.


“That’s impossible,” he told Rya two days ago. She Told him to find the same water Guam used to lock the book.

Gyo had no idea where to look so he spent the next week searching the forest at random.

One day while crossing Guafbridge, Rya tripped on a loose wood board and knocked him over the edge. He fell in the lake and had a wonderful surprise…

The scratch on the sword’s blade started to glow just like his rock did, one month ago. But this time it had more side effects.

Instead of only increasing his power, his eyesight became perfect underwater! He stopped inhaling and exhaling but he didn’t feel any lack of oxygen. His ears didn’t feel covered and he could hear his voice clearly. His hands had fins similar to the jihatu. The glow stopped. The blade, once covered in rust, regenerated from the waters touch and turned into a polished and sharp weapon.

“Are you okay?” – Rya yelled from the top of the bridge, “I’m sorry!”

Gyo climbed out of the water using Hundam.

“Rya, you won’t believe this,” Gyo said with a smile, floating on the water, “Come down here”

Rya jumped from the bridge and landed on the water using Hundam, right next to  his face.

“What happened?” she said.

“I think this sword gives me Jihatu powers,” he explained and showed her his fins, “I can see, breath and hear underwater”

“How?” She asked.

“I don’t know yet…” he said with a sigh, “But it has something to do with the sword…”

During the next days, a memory bothered Gyo. “Keep my sword! Trust no one!”

Since that tragic day, Gyo never told Rya about his white knife. But the sword’s energy felt very similar to it, in a way.  After his fight with the jihatu, it turned into a rock and has remained that way, ever since.

Rya never saw the knife. However, back then, Gyo could have never defeated a crawler, like Petra, with his Fuyan.  The white knife amplified his power tremendously. Without it, he would have been murdered.

Gyo was having nightmares again. He kept screaming in his sleep.

“Stop screaming you idiot,” Rya said and kicked him on the head.

“The passenger…” he said, remembering the moment Petra leaned over Guam, “It’s not Guam’s”. He woke up from his sleep.

“What?” she said.

“I never saw him reading it,” he replied, “He only told me to keep the sword. He never unlocked the book.” he said very fast

“What do you mean?” Rya asked.

“The only reason we know the book is important is because the jihatu tried to steal it,” Gyo said, “Guam had no idea the book had value, at the time, that’s why he didn’t ask me to keep it. ”

“So, he thought the crawler wanted the sword?” she moaned. Rya was a sleepwalker by now.

“Yes. The crawler was after both items probably. And Guam had both items!!” Gyo thought. The coincidence was too big. Both items had a secret. If the sword had powers, then probably the book had them too.

“They must be related somehow”. Gyo said finishing his explanation,

Rya stared at him for 2 seconds, in complete silence!

“The only relation they share is being old and strange” Rya yelled and punched Gyo in head, “Let me sleep, you idiot”

Gyo went to sleep but if there was any chance the book could be related to the sword he had to read it.

The very next day Gyo woke up early in the morning. Rya even doubted her own eyes when she woke up and saw Gyo having breakfast.

He came to a realization last night. He was determined to master the sword, he had to be strong in case the Jihatu came back, and find out more about “The Passenger”. Deep down he also wanted revenge for Guam’s death

He focused on physical training first.

Every day he would go to the forest and train.

He immediately focused on strengthening his body. He started by doing some push-ups on the ground, then grabbed a tree branch and did lift ups, and ended his circuit doing abs with the help of some tree roots. After, he would walk to the edge of the lake and practice his swordsmanship. At the end of the day, he stayed close to the waterfall and practiced Fuyan concentration.

Rya accompanied him at first. She wanted to unlock her Fuyan but she failed to see any results and, after three days of training, she gave up.

Another month passed, and Gyo stuck to his routine. A once sloppy and weak thrust turned into a polished and deadly stab.

One afternoon, Rya was crossing the bridge when she saw Gyo practice on the lake. He was next to the waterfall.

“What are you doing Gyo?” She asked.

“I’m trying to stop the whole waterfall” he replied and stretched his leg and arms.

“That’s a stupid task,” Rya said as she arrived at the end of bridge. Only those who control Fuyan Can cross the waterfall. She could not.

“Can you let me in?” She asked, “Olivier isn’t working today”.

Gyo smiled, then he said, “I’ll try my stupid task, wait”.

He took three steps forward and stood on the water. The water mass was crashing into the lake right in front of him. Gyo could feel the wind and water particles, literally pull him back.  He leaned forward and hold his sword with both hands. Then, he pulled it in the direction of the sky. His Fuyan made a small water line detach from the huge water mass but the waterfall didn’t even budge.

“Come on I don’t have all day,” she said. Gyo kept trying and failing. His body was stronger now but his Fuyan was still too weak.

“Wait!” He replied, “I’ll try again”

“Olivier!!” Rya yelled. She despised to hear the word wait. “Olivieeer!!”

The mountain trembled and a giant dark shadow appeared on the waterfall’s left side. Then, an enormous red crab, stepped under the waterfall blocking the water’s path.

“Thank you for the umbrella,” she said and crossed the bridge between the crab’s many legs.

“Fjiif Jiff” The crab squeaked, repeatedly, while he waited for Rya to disappear into the tunnel. then he walked back to Guafbottom.

“How dare you wake me up!?” Gyo said trying to imitate the crabs “voice”. Then he giggled for two seconds. He was never able to translate Olivier’s squeaks but he liked trying to guess their meaning. The crab only squeaked when he was angry, of that much he was sure.

Olivier was pretty much all the staff Guaftop had. He was the doorman, the receptionist, and the butler. He single handily took care of the logistics of the hotel since the elder days. Nowadays, his work consisted in tending to two rented hotel rooms and letting Rya in, whenever she needed. He lived in Guafbottoms main staircase. He was too big for the rooms.

The sun disappeared behind GuafMountain and Gyo jumped onto the bridge and went home. He opened a gap in the waterfall and took the tunnel in front.

“Olivier was pissed at you!” Gyo said with a laugh and then dived in his bed. Rya was having dinner on her bed.

“He’s ancient history. He is always pissed” she replied and took a bite from the fish.

“He is old…” Gyo said slowly, “… and strange!”

“Maybe he knows who wrote the book,” Rya said, joking “You should learn crabbish and ask him”.

Suddenly Gyo jumped out of his bed, picked up his sword and ran out of their room, screaming as he ran through the hallway, “Rya, you’re a genius!”



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