W’P Encyclopedia

Hi guys and welcome to the 1st Post of the: "White's Planet Encyclopedia": INTRODUCTION I've been having fun with the blog I have to admit. But the real journey has not begun yet. I mean don't take me wrong, Gyo and Rya are already on theirs. The journey I was referring to is between this …

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Chapter 3 – Olivier

  "Do you have the Sealer?" - the giant crawler asked. Qwei and Fwei seemed worried as they looked at the top of the pyramid. "Petra has failed u--" - Qwei tried to say "How about the book?" The giant said, louder, interrupting Qwei "We have nothing, my lord" Fwei said. "Petra is dead" Qwei …

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Chapter 2 – “The Passenger”

Gyo searched the whole night for Guam's sword. He found the sword stuck in a large tree root, in the woods, far away from the lake. "Why are you important?" Gyo thought, then he grabbed the weapon's blue hilt. The sword had seen better days... The handle was worn off and tainted from the blood …

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